Building local groups to mobilise around the country

The Campaign against Climate Change aims to mobilise the greatest number of people possible both nationally and internationally, putting pressure on world leaders to take the urgent and resolute action needed to prevent catastrophic climate change. To this end it inspires and coordinates an annual ‘Global Day of Action’ on climate with synchronised demonstrations around the world at the time of the annual UN Climate Talks (the COP/MOP). As a part of this it directly organises the National Climate March: the biggest annual mobilisation against climate change in the UK.

The project will rejuvenate the campaign’s local group network in the run up to the National Climate March on 6th December 2008 during the UN climate talks in Poznan, Poland and, crucially, to build for a mobilisation during the critical Copenhagen UN Climate talks in December 2009. This will provide an opportunity for a large number of people around the UK who are concerned about climate change to become active in calling for strong political action on climate issues.

“We were delighted to receive the funding from APE to build up our local group network. This will help us encourage more people to take action on climate change, and make sure that the UK climate demonstration in 2009 is immense, and so big that the government just can’t ignore it.” Global Climate

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