This is the second edition of Only Planet

The first edition was launched in Manchester in September 08. The book acts as a learning aid for climate activists who want to take action locally. It will be a Who’s Who on the local community on how the council and region work. There will be articles on local food, water, waste, energy, transport and housing. The vision is to simultaneously launch similar books around the country written by local people. Groups will be able to freely take and adapt any material from the two editions.  There’ll be “how we did it” pages on how to research, how to do the layout and cartoons by Marc Roberts (funded by APE) will be available to illustrate the articles.

“Manchester Climate Fortnightly’s editors are really delighted to have received this money from APE for the second ‘Only Planet’ book. The first one has been a useful resource tool, and we’re going to use the money to make the second edition much better, and get more people involved.” Manchester Climate Fortnightly

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