To date we have funded over 400 campaigns, events, actions and educational projects globally, as well as disaster relief. We are delighted to have supported passionate individuals and organisations who raise awareness and inspire change in the fields of climate justice, global warming, fossil fuels, reforestation, agro-forestry, wildlife protection, reef conservation, marine plastic pollution, seed projects, wetlands restoration and more. Projects in all corners of the world have benefited from our funds: in India, Caribbean, Mali, UK, Argentina, Mexico, China, Nepal, Kenya, Costa Rica, Canada, Benin, Uganda, Zambia, Columbia, Tonga, Brazil, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, Malawi, Iceland.

3rd Ring Out
African and Caribbean Network
African Renewable Energy Dialogue
Airport Watch Scotland
Ambassadors for Change
American Forest Alliance
Animate Earth
Antara Project
Arcola Theatre’s Green Season
Art Not Oil
Artists Gathered Around Climate Change
Arts for Oceans
Asia Pacific Youth Network
Asociacion Movimiento Iden
Associacao Florest
Aune on Air
Auroville Pitchandikulam Forest
Aviation Environmental Foundation
A-Z of Climate Change Activism
Balamitra Tribal Education
Barahogon Regreening Roadshow
Be The Change
BeMe, WeDo Lab
Biochar, Solar Cooker & Agroforestry
Biofuel Watch
Biomass Briquettes
Biomass, Biofuels and Climate Change
Black Gold
Bristol Rising Tide
Bruce Callow – Odyssey 2050
Bycicology – Bike Ride 2007 & 2008
Cambridge Carbon Footprint
Campaign Against Climate Change
Campaign for Better Transport
Campaign for Climate Action Project
Capacity Building VTIK
Carbon Chronicles
Centre for Environmental Concerns
CEPPAS, Argentina
Change Agents UK
Changing Climate Stories
Chiapas-California Climate Justice
China Dialogue Limited
Chooseday Project
Clean Cooker Stove Technology
Clean Energy Nepal
Climate 9
Climate Action
Climate Ark
Climate Café
Climate Change
Climate Change Speaker Network
Climate Change, Despair & Empowerment Roadshow
Climate Change, Seeds & Knowledge
Climate Fluency Exchange
Climate Friendly Food Standards
Climate Futures (India)
Climate Ground Zero
Climate Justice
Climate Outreach Info Network
Climate Outreach Information Network COIN
Climate Radio
Climate Rush One Action
Co2al Caravan
Coal Action Scotland
Coal Exports (Rising Tide)
Coal in the UK
COECO Costa Rica
Combat Global Warming Initiative
Community Conversations with Climate
Converging World
Conversations with the Earth
Cool Shoppers
Coral Bones Project
Corporate Watch
Council of Canadians
Coventry Peace House Education Trust
Crude Awakening
Cyc de Soleil
D’Action Pour Le Bien-Etre Au Benin
Developing Action on Climate Change
Digital Voice for Communities
Ditch Dirty Development
Dr E F Schumacher Society
E Day Project
Earth Junkies
Earthreports Inc
Earthways Foundation – Green World Campaign
East African Community Learning Exchange
EAT The Change
Eco Nexus
Ecoesclieia El Manzano
Ecolabs – Ecological Literacy Initiative
Emergency Grant Global Justice Ecology
Enabling the Transition (CAT)
Enhancing Community Uganda
Enhancing Resilience (Zambia)
Environment 2.0
Environment Engine
Environmental Justice Research Collective
Espacio Bristol – Colombia
Feliuaki’a e Kalaimaiti
FOE Asia Pacific
Fossil Free Oxfordshire
Foundation for Children – Young Awakening Project
Friends of the Earth International
Friends of the Earth Scotland
Futures Training Foundation
Get Growing
Gleaning Network
Global Coral Reef
Global Image Library
Global Warming: A Guide For Individual & Corporate Awareness
Go Solar
Going Carbon Neutral Riverside
Going Greener
Green World Campaign
Greenhouse Trust
Groundwork for Leicester and Leics
Hammer & Tongue
Happy Kitchen
Heart of Brazil Expedition
How Green is Your Ride?
I-Count Communities
IJ Ewart – The Pa’Dalih Bridge Project
Impact of Agrochemicals on Climate Change
India (Goudham Raj)
Indigenous Language Books
Indigenous Peoples Cultural Support Trust
Institute for Culture and Ecology
Intelligence Squared
Interference 2010
International Rivers Network
Jane Lawson – Climates of Change
Japan for Sustainability
Jurassic Coast Earth Festival
Just Do It
Kamanga Dance Ensemble
Kangema Youth Group
Kiangure Springs Environment Initiative
Kibera Watercan Project
Kicking the Oil Giants out of the Arts
Kyoto 2 Project
Legislative Action Project
Lessons from Yasumi
Liberate Tate
Life Mosaic
Life’s Reflect
Little Village Environmental Justice Organisation
Local Climate Change Adaption
London Camp for Climate Action
London Musicians Collective
Longlands Regeneration Project
Low Carbon Communities Network
Low Carbon Lifestyles in Kenya
Magnificent Revolution
Mali Elephant Project
Management of Bukoola River
Manchester Climate Fortnightly
Manchester Social Centre
Mapia Agroforestry Project
Meatballs, Automobiles and Climate Change
Media Lens
Mercury Changes
MICAIA Foundation
Miyule Solar Lighting
Moving Sounds
Mt Cameroon Biocultural Diversity
Mupo Foundation – Mitigating Climate Change
Musicians for Tipping Point
My Climate, Our Climate, Others’ Climate
Nature in School
Nature Place
Navdanya Trust
New Economy Network
No Borders (UK)
No-Nonsense Video Guides
Nostalgia Steel Band – The Peak Oil Carnival
Old Moat Greenies
One World UK
Only Planet
Orangutan Information Centre
Organisation for Life Care
Our Place
Oxford Climate Xchange
Oxford Inspires
P J Jansen – Youth Award
Pelum Kenya CWG
People & Planet Project
Philippines Project
Plane Stupid
Platform London – Stop The Oil
Platform Promenade
PLH – young people’s climate change
Portraying Young Friends of the Earth
Power of Hands Foundation – Lace Project
Powerstation Sheffield
Practical Action (Sri Lanka)
Prestwich Art College
Promoting Adaptation to Climate Change
Protégé QV
Public Interest Research Centre
Radiowaves Africa Project
Rainforest Information Centre
Rains General
Raw Foundation
RBS The Musical
Reclaim Shakespeare
Reforest Cancun
Resurgence Website
Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping
Rising Tide Australia
Rising Tide North America
Ritual and Eco-Calendars in Climate Adaptation
Road Block
SAE Institute Ose Iria
Sand Dams
Sathirakoses Nagapradeepa Foundation
Save Lake Malawi
Saving Iceland Summer Mobilisation
Scarborough Climate Action Network
Sea Pledge: A crusade to Save the Ocean
Sebe Educational Trust
Seeds for Change Network
SEI, University of York
Seize the Day
Sheffield Action Climate Group
Sheila McKenzie Foundation – Award for Global Action
Shelving the Coast
Shipston ‘Transition Tower’
Sikkim Earthquake Rumtek Monastery Earthquake Fund
So We Stand
South African Climate Action Network
Stories from Communities
Strategy for Climate Change
Street Conversion Design Contest
Strenthening Community Forest Governance
Strood Social Centre/Kingsnorth Climate Action Centre
Survival Tales
Sustainable Charlbury
Sustainable Market Foundation
Tembea Youth Centre
Thames Valley Climate Action
That Ain’t Cool
The Beehive Design Collective
The Big Tent Festival
The Bristol Whales Project
The Convergences for Climate Action
The Dukes Playhouse & Cinema
The Greenbelt Movement International
The Immediate Life
The Inga Foundation
The Next 25
The Paper Trail
The Shire Initiative
The Tower of Life
The WILD Foundation
The Zero Carbon Caravan
Transition Foods
Transition Towns
Transition Towns
Tree for Life Malawi
Trees for Life
Tribes Alive
Turning The Tide
UCF Wales – On The Push
UK Tar Sands Network
Umwell und Projektwerkstatt
Undercurrent – On The Push
Visual Communicators
Voices for our Planet
Waste to Energy (Africa)
Waves for Water
Ways to Peace Festival
We Can Campaign
Well Worn Theatre
White Horse Alliance
White Swan
Wild City Project
Women’s Environmental Trust – Storm in a Teacup
Wopa Tyre Project (Kenya)
World Carfree Network
World Future Council
You and I Films
Youth Say NO to Coal