The Policy Action on Climate Toolkit

The World Future Council (WFC) is a global forum comprising of government representatives, parliamentarians, and leaders from civil society, business, academia and the arts. Their activities range from advocating human rights and sustaining the planet to promoting political, scientific, cultural and economic justice. Its mission is to inform and educate policy makers and leaders about the challenges facing future generations while providing them with practical solutions.

PACT is a key element of WFC’s Climate and Energy Campaign. Initially it will focus on different national and international laws which promote the uptake of renewable energy and increased energy efficiency. It will be a one-stop clearinghouse for ‘climate-friendly’ legislation – a web-based platform that provides parliamentarians with the tools and support they need to argue for and enact laws that will be effective in protecting the climate.

“FIT for Britain, healthy for the world” was the headline of a lengthy article about the PACT project in the British “Guardian”. In this article the author wrote the following:

“So why is the government not acting? Why is it attempting to worm its way out of targets for renewable energy instead of implementing policy which would create jobs, cost no more than at present and save lives not only in the future, but now too? It is not as if they have hard work to do. The World Future Council’s new policy-drafting toolkit practically puts the pen in their hand and shows them where to sign.”

“Funding from the APE Foundation already helped us to set up the unique and successful PACT website on renewable energy feed-in tariffs. We are very grateful to have received another grant from APE, which contributes to our funds to build the second PACT pillar of a sustainable energy policy: energy efficiency.” Axel Bree, World Future Council

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