Aviation already accounts for almost 15% of the UK’s contribution to climate change. To make matters worse, aviation is the UK’s fastest-growing source of greenhouse-gas emissions. By 2050, flying could account for more than 50% of the UK’s contribution to climate change

Plane Stupid is a coalition of airport residents and environmentalists who use direct action to stop the destruction of the environment and communities caused by airport expansion and aviation. Plane Stupid is working towards a fundamental rethink of the government’s 2003 Aviation White Paper which predicts that air travel will treble by 2030: an increase in annual plane journeys from 180 million to 501 million. They want to see airport expansion plans scrapped, a tax on aviation fuel and an end to short haul flights. APE funding will enable Plane Stupid to get their important message across to a wider audience.

STOP PRESS. On 11th October 2009 the airport operator BAA bowed to opposition to a third runway at Heathrow airport. It will not now submit a planning application before the UK general election and will not sign large contracts to ‘bounce’ a future Conservative government into accepting it. For more details:

“Plane Stupid is using non-violent direct action to campaign against the unsustainable growth in air travel. Climate scientists warn that unless the growth in flying is curtailed, all our other efforts could become meaningless. APE’s contribution to our work will help ensure that we can keep taking action and more vitally still will help use to support our ever-growing activist network through the production of materials and the provision of training.” Joss Garman, Plane Stupid

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