Producing an oil map of London.

Despite the fact that there is no oil to be found beneath London’s streets, the city is nonetheless the site of capital flows that fuel the oil and gas industry worldwide. Following massive public attention on the financial sector since the 2008 crisis, the relationship between The City of London, oil corporations and climate change warrants further attention.

Platform has a history of research in the subject from campaigns on high street banks’ fossil fuel policies to investor briefings on risky oil explorations. We have produced one audio tour of the financial district of London ( and with this grant will develop further our online and live walking tours, which have been produced from 2001-2012.

We will also integrate our research findings on banks, finance and fossil fuels into a free, downloadable Map App. The user will be able to visit the financial district when they so choose, and using GPS technology in their smartphone, read and listen to audio about the goings-on in the buildings around them. The performances will take audiences on a revelatory and inspiring trip into the financial district.

Check-out how London really is an Oil City, by clicking here.

Thank you so much Artists Project Earth – this is really fantastic news! Very much appreciated by everyone at Platform.

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