Raising the profile of renewable energy options in Sheffield.


Sheffield Renewables is a volunteer-led social enterprise that aims to develop, fund, build, own and operate renewable energy schemes in and around Sheffield. We are motivated by a desire to reduce Sheffield’s contribution to climate change and use the development of-community owned renewable energy schemes to engage people in lifestyle changes which benefit the environment.

Powerstation Sheffield is the inspiration of a Sheffield Renewables’ volunteer who shares our enthusiasm for renewable energy, and also happens to be a computer whizz. The aim is to develop and launch three related web applications: ‘Energy Trumps’, ‘The Energy Map’, and ‘Sheffield’s Top Twenty.’ Together they provide an interactive platform for education and engagement around local sustainable energy.

Energy Trumps is based on a traditional card game that is fun for all ages and will build familiarity with the range and scale local renewable energy schemes, complete with all their vital statistics.

The Energy Map shows how renewable energy is distributed across the city. Owners of local installations will be encouraged to log the details of their schemes, helping to build as complete a picture as possible. The map can be interpreted to provide generation data by ‘ward’ and a comparison against total energy use. We hope the exercise will provide a yard-stick to chart the city’s progress and perhaps also instil a bit of healthy competition.

Sheffield’s Top Twenty will identify twenty schemes of interest across Sheffield illustrating the range and diversity of distributed power. Examples include South Yorkshire Housing Associations’ photovoltaic panels that help tenants escape fuel poverty and Sheffield Renewables’ own schemes which will enable local people to own a part of and shape Sheffield’s energy future.

The launch of these projects is targeted for September, which is likely to coincide with Sheffield Renewables’ first public share offer to raise capital to build the city’s first community owned hydro-power scheme. The timing couldn’t better and we expect both projects to benefit mutually from shared publicity and profile.

APE’s support for this project has been vital to move the application from prototype to first launch. It will also help us to trial the software and associated hard copy materials at a number of summer festivals in 2011.

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