Providing highly nutritious food for Haiti’s malnourished children

Artists Project Earth has made a grant to Project Medishare (PM) which will provide up to 90,000 nutritious meals for some of Haiti’s most needy children, as part of a wider programme that will eventually sustainably produce an enhanced indigenous food product for Haitians, creating jobs, improving public health and nutrition and ultimately, reducing deforestation and erosion in Haiti’s remote Central Department.

The programme, devised by PM aims to produce NutrilMil in a purpose-built facility in Haiti. The raw foodstuffs for NutriMil will be sourced from the surrounding farmland and processed on site, creating much-needed jobs. NutriMil is based on the traditional Creole ‘porridge’ called Akamil – but it has been fortified with micronutrients to address some of the severe health problems faced by the population of Haiti. NutriMil has been pre-cooked so that families who have no access to cooking facilities can still be fed, and because much less energy is needed to re-hydrate NutriMil, deforestation (mainly for wood used in cooking) will be decreased.

Since the devastating earthquake, Haiti’s children face an uncertain future – 30% remain malnourished, and it is PM’s aim to reduce that number to zero – because healthy children are the key to a healthy country. APE’s initail donation to provide 90,000 meals of NutriMil will ensure that these children get at least one nutritious meal a day.


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