Pedal-Powered Poetry vs. Climate Change

Hammer And Tongue are the biggest promoters of Slam Poetry in the UK. They inspire everyday people to be champions in a democratic cutting-edge spoken word culture which reaches out to communities where you wouldn’t expect to see poetry to a hip hop and world music backdrop.

The purpose of the project is to set up and demonstrate a simple zero-carbon method for powering vocal and musical performances. Activities will include a series of climate change performance poetry workshops (initially in secondary schools), supported by a bicycle-powered sound system. Slam poetry will be used as a means to inspire young people to vocalise their ideas and concerns about climate change and give them the skills and encouragement to speak out and connect with the people around them. It is hoped to foster a much-needed wave of youth activism on climate change and create an exciting, visual, interactive educational tool that can be used for many similar projects in the future.

“Hammer & Tongue is the sort of organisation that likes to get on with it and show people what can be done, it’s absolutely fantastic to find a funder with the same attitude, one which listens to your proposal and comes good with the funds vital to get things going.” Hammer and Tongue

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