Sometimes it is only by blocking the road ahead that an alternative route is found

Road Block is a project of Transport 2000 which supports over 80 voluntary community groups in England and Wales who are opposing road schemes and traffic generation. Road Block provides individuals and communities with informed, high-quality advice on decision-making processes for road-building and the impacts this has on communities and local environments, but who are unsure how to mount effective, responsible opposition to road-building schemes.

Road Block seeks to highlight the growing contribution made by road traffic to overall carbon dioxide emissions and to undermine ‘predict and provide’ road-building schemes.

“Road Block is thrilled to receive the grant from APE to continue our work on highlighting how roadbuilding in the UK is taking us in the wrong direction to tackle climate change. We will use the money to support community groups around the country who are standing up to the roadbuilding plans, helping them to make the arguments about climate change more effectively” Rebecca Lush, Roadblock

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