The Royal Mess of Our Oceans

The damage that ocean plastics are doing to our environment has been royally highlighted recently thanks to Prince Charles. The Royal has publically commented that plastic in the world’s oceans is a ‘growing ecological and human disaster’ which needs an urgent solution.

The comments follow Prince Charles joining forces with Dame Ellen MacArthur, whose foundation has calculated that by 2050 the world’s oceans are expected to contain more plastic that fish, by weight.

We are gradually seeing more and more news reports on the harm that plastics are doing to our oceans and marine life. While it’s saddening to witness seas of plastic wash up on remote islands, hopefully the tides will begin to turn and some good will come from the constant stream of media attention on the subject.

At APE we have long been campaigning to raise awareness of the issue and we have teamed up with some likeminded organisations to continue to keep oceans plastics in the public eye. Some of the organisations that we will be working with over the coming months are:

So stay tuned for news on how we have been working with them!



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