Networks are key to good communication – but we need training and support to make the very best of them

Seeds for Change is a network of social change trainers.  For the past seven years it has been engaged in a programme of support to increase effectiveness and co-operation within the grassroots social change movement in the UK. Emphasis on training in campaign skills and group working skills is seen as vital in involving more and more people in taking action.

This project will deliver training and support to try to avert the worst impacts of climate change on our ecosystems.  It will facilitate Training for Action Trainers workshops to expand the pool of people confident in sharing skills and experience in environmental action. It will focus on campaigning skills to enable groups and communities to work more strategically, non-violently and effectively in achieving action on climate change. Skills in co-operative group-work will be taught to enable groups to build strong and sustainable groups, to resolve problems and make inclusive decisions based on co-operation, rather than conflict.

“Mainstream political action lags behind the public’s desire for action on climate change and to many it is clear that the solutions to the looming climate crisis must come from collective action. Seeds for Change, with support from APE, will deliver free training to grassroots groups in the campaign skills and group working skills that are vital to involving more and more people in taking action against climate change.” Seeds for Change

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