The aim of SEA Pledge is to encourage people everywhere to lead a more sustainable life and take greater care of oceans and coasts. In making a pledge, people undertake to set and achieve goals that will reduce their negative environmental footprints and increase their positive environmental handprints. Each Pledge contributes to a petition that aims to re-focus international attention on the oceans by creating an International Year of Coasts and Oceans. The petition will be presented to the Global Forum for Oceans, Coasts and Islands on 3 December, 2011 at COP17 in Durban.

According to Dr. Ribbink from the parent organisation Sustainable Seas Trust, “Anyone, anywhere can make a SEA Pledge, although those most closely associated with the sea, coasts and estuaries should take the lead, and others will fjavascript:mctmp(0);ollow. Millions of people throughout the world use the seas for recreational, commercial and industrial purposes. All have a vested interest and are the obvious first choices for pledges as improving the seas is of direct interest and value to them. From school groups to diving concessions, anglers to surfers, the more people who make SEA Pledges the better!”

On Saturday, 3rd of December 2011, in the middle of COP 17, Sustainable Seas Trust is planning to have thousands of people involved in SEA Pledge activities. Click here for more information and to get involved.

Stay up to date and support the cause by following ‘@SEApledge’ on Twitter and liking the ‘Sustainable Seas Trust and SEA Pledge’ page on Facebook.


“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.”

Sylvia Earle, SST Trustee

Sustainable Seas Trust


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