Sharing stories and learning about the impacts of climate change in the Philippines.

Sinsinapo is an educational activity that aims to facilitate an exchange between members of Dap-ayan ti Kultura iti Kordilyera (DKK) and the community members of Guinguinabang, Lacub and Abra in the Philippines, to informally discuss their experiences of climate change, its impacts on the communities and the traditional knowledge that is employed to mitigate and adapt to the growing crisis.

Dubbed as ‘Sinsinapo’ (a Tinguian language which means sharing), the activity is a community integration where all participants will learn from the stories which will be shared. It will be a free-flowing activity where any of the participants can join in and have their say. It will also be designed in such a way that participants will travel to other communities to see evidence of impacts and solutions. At the same time, the participants will observe and share their own traditional knowledge so offering cross-cultural education and promotion of best practice. This education will take place in the fields and in the forests.

These activities will be well-documented and the information translated into other languages for wider educational use. Aside from the documentation, a resolution will be drafted as another output, which will be submitted to the Local Government Unit for their actions. DKK will also create an easy to understand ‘storyboard’ which details the effects of climate change on communities and what they can do about it. This will be toured to different communities with members of DKK.

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