An arts-based project that will illustrate the projected devastating impact on the Earth, that each degree of warming will have.

EcoLabs is a new organisation which is made up of a network of designers and visual artists. Their aim is to give effective visual form to environmental information that will inspire audiences to engage in the current ecological crisis and search for sustainable solutions.

The project, Six Degrees takes Mark Lynas’ book as a starting point to illustrate the projected changes with each degree of climate change. Six artists and illustrators will be commissioned to work on one degree each. The artwork will be printed on heavy-duty canvas and exhibited at events and festivals over the summer of 2008.

The project aims to engage audiences who might not otherwise visit festival areas devoted to climate change. The graphics will move around to other zones/tents where speakers and activities are happening. The plan is to engage people with the facts in a visually provocative manner. Phase two of the project will be a video based on the graphics and audiences’ reactions to them.  It will be distributed on-line and at future events.

“APE’s process makes it possible for ambitious & unconventional projects to hit the ground running. APE manages to create sustenance for very high leverage projects – projects that might scare other funders, but projects that have real potential for change. We think that APE has helped great things happen already and we are grateful that you are now helping us.” Eco Labs

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