On September 30th 2011 a mock trial will take place at the UK’s Supreme Court in London. A judge, jury and barristers will test the crime of Ecocide as if it is already law.

Michael Mansfield QC, the prosecuting barrister, and Nigel Lickley QC, the defence barrister together with supporting legal teams, will lead the case for and against a fictional Mr X, CEO of a major corporation. Before the case is heard, legal argument will be put as to whether Ecocide and the Earth Right to Life should be applied to the charge against Mr X. 

Polly Higgins, the British barrister and international environmental lawyer, proposed to the United Nations in April 2010 that a law on Ecocide is classed as an international law alongside Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes of Aggression and War Crimes, as a 5th Crime Against Peace. If Ecocide is accepted as a crime under international law it will have a profound effect on Governments, Heads of State, Corporations and those who run them, and on the ecosystems of the Earth.

Click here to watch an interview with Polly as she explains the legal thinking behind the evolutionary law of Ecocide.

Artists Project Earth has co-funded The Ecocide Trial. Click here to find out more. 


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