Working with ESDO’s Green Club to Create a Grassroots Documentary

The key objective of ESDO (Environment and Social Development Organisation) is to develop a new generation of environmental leaders and advocates amongst participants. Since 1995, ESDO has been working with school children in Bangladesh to develop their knowledge and capacity on various environmental issues through their Environmental Education Programs in Dhaka, Environmental Camps for Nature Conservation (ECNC), and with members of their Green Club. 

The project – a documentary to be created by the Green Club is a perfect opportunity for young participants to be actively involved in advocating, communicating and offering their personal reflections and perspectives on the damaging repercussions of climate change on the future of Bangladesh. It will involve various workshops on documentary-making. Participants will be guided by an expert to teach them skills in formulating a storyline, interviewing, narrating, using cameras, and editing.  They will then carry out interviews on their own between scientists and members of communities where the impacts of climate change are already seen. The project is hoped to give the children a feeling of achievement and to motivate them to be more actively involved in mobilising their school and community in taking action. If successful, the documentary has the potential to be shown in schools and institutions throughout Bangladesh and be put on national television.

“The team at ESDO are thrilled to receive support from APE for our grassroots documentary on climate change. This production will play a fundamental role in building the capacity of youth to advocate the urgent message of global warming, and thus create mass awareness. The documentary will be designed, filmed and edited by our Green Club students as they take the audience on personal journeys of learning and discovery, with the aim to inspire viewers and encourage social mobilization in taking further action against global warming. Thus addressing climate change in such a meaningful way will produce lasting results throughout the community and develop leadership qualities in our Green Club students so they will continue to advocate on behalf of the environment.” ESDO

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