Is it a bee? Is it a cab? No, it’s Beecab! Beespoke taxi brings a buzz to London’s streets ahead of Pestival, the festival that celebrates the art of being an insect

As featured on London Tonight, the Beecab, a London taxi which has been specially customized by artists and  scientists for Pestival, a unique festival coming to London’s Southbank Centre on 4th, 5th and 6th September 2009 to celebrate insects in the arts and the art of being an insect. So spread the word about this amazing event!

The theme of this year’s Pestival is the collapse of bee colonies around the world. To raise awareness of the plight of bees, one of London’s iconic black cabs has been transformed into a bumblebee in full flight, complete with a working beehive in the front seat. Keep a look out for this spectacular sight, which will be traveling around London and visiting schools from now until the festival opens in September.

Bee Social will be the hub of the Pestival weekend – an opportunity for artists and scientists to meet and mingle. There will be a programme of insect evening events curated by Robyn Hitchcock, comedian Robin Ince with help from Garth Marenghi and Chris Watson ( sound recordist for numerous David Attenborough Documentary’s and member of Cabaret Voltaire).

Pestival’s opening event will be getting off to a flying start on Thursday 3rd September at the London Zoo – How Insect Are We? Join leading scientists, artists and thinkers to discover how insects are reclaiming their central place in our lives, find out more at this cutting edge Symposium. The debate will include world experts, Deborah Gordon from Stanford University who is the leading authority on Social insects and author of ‘Straw Dogs’ and philosopher John Gray. Come and join in as they dissect and discover how insects are nature’s great architects, inspire economics, philosophy and dance. Tickets will be available through our web site from 1st July, where you can also find out about all the events which will be happening at Pestival 2009 or contact Alicia Gray for more information We hope to see lots of you there in September, please spread the word….. as Pestival Founder and Director, Bridget Nicholls said: “Insects are critical to human life on Earth. With over a million insect species, they are the most diverse group of animals on Earth. And yet insects are frequently misunderstood, reviled or ignored by the majority of the human population. Pestival will challenge stereotypes about insects and give them their rightful place, for good and bad, in our collective cultural consciousness”.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the support APE has given to our project.”

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