The project aims to create a consultation tool – the “VOICE” to improve the communication infrastructure in any community or social network

It will have two functions: firstly, it will enable a dialogue between any governing bodies with residents of a community in the decision-making processes; secondly, it will enable a community to be self organising, identifying areas of common interest and demand for services. For example, if fifty people say “YES” to a local food box scheme this will trigger collaboration and action.

The “VOICE” will be piloted in five areas throughout the UK that have active ‘Transition Town’ or  existing environmental groups before implementing and promoting the infrastructure throughout the UK.

“Even though well supported, the LocalEyes project has been operating on a shoe string and a very tight cash flow. We were absolutely delighted when APE announced they would be supporting the project as their funds will provide essential additional capacity and enable the project to benefit many more people.” LocalEyes

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