A Joseph Beuys’ inspired eco-art project

Sustrans is the UK’s leading sustainable transport charity which works on a wide range of complementary practical projects to enable people to choose to travel in ways that benefit their health and the health of the environment.

The project will take place in three communities in sites selected from Forestry Commission land along the National Cycle Network. Inspired by hundreds of acorns collected and germinated from artist Joseph Beuys’ seminal artwork 7000 Oaks artists Dan Harvey and Heather Ackroyd will landscape and plant distinctive sacred groves, to inspire and foster local participation, and heighten awareness of the issues around creating an ecological and socially secure long-term sustainable future. The experience of the artists and each community will be documented in a handbook, together with guidelines and a web page. These will be disseminated through Sustrans extensive network of community and partner organisations to encourage exploration, awareness and creation of sacred groves across the UK.   

“We are delighted to work with Dan Harvey and Heather Ackroyed who have such an international reputation. Their work with communities and scientists to explore biodiversity from new scientific and social perspectives will create a long term legacy for future generations”. Katy Hallett, Director, Sustrans Art Programme

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