If you’re fed-up with the visionless in-fighting of our so-called leaders and their dreary “austerity” mantra, then take a look at this short video trailer from the Transition Network which details the forthcoming Transition 2.0 film. Full of vision, practical solutions and working models of communities in transition to a much more ‘ethical capitalism’ than Cameron could ever imagine, this taster of the full length film is inspiring stuff indeed. From the launch of the Bixton Pound in it’s e-currency form to community owned shops and solar farms, the Transition Network is leading the way. To paraphrase Buckminster Fuller, we are called to be architects of the future, not its victims. 

Click here to watch the video trailer.

Screenings are taking place as follows:

Totnes, Devon, UK. The Barn Cinema, Dartington. February 2nd, 8pm. Tickets available here <> .

Transition Town Lewes, East Sussex, UK will be showing In Transition 2.0 at 8pm on the 2nd of February – at the Town Hall in Lewes (BN7 2DQ).

Koganei, Japan. Transition Japan and Transition Town Koganei in Japan will be hosting a screening on February 2nd at 8pm at the Maron Hall in Koganei (30 minutes west of central Tokyo).

Lyttelton, New Zealand. Friday 3 February, 9am. ‘The Portal’, 54a Oxford Street, Lyttelton, PO Box 74, New Zealand 8841. For more information contact

Monteveglio, Bologna, Italy. 2nd of February at 9pm. Parco dell’Abbazia di Monteveglio, Sala Consorzio Vini,via dell’Abbazia, 28 – Monteveglio (Bo), Italy

Wayland, MA, USA. 2nd February at 7:00 pm, in the Wayland Town Building.

Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire, UK. 2nd February, 8pm. The Watershed, 22 Bridge Street, Slaithwaite, HD7 5JN

Transition Moss Side, Manchester, UK. 2nd February, 8pm, Moss Side Fire Station, Denhill Rd, Manchester M15 5NR. Please email to reserve a place. 


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