Slimming-down our carbon footprint

The Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) is the only organisation in the UK to work consistently for women and the environment.  Their vision is a world where women are aware of their ability to change the environment for the better and actively come together to do so.

Just as slimming clubs help thousands of people to achieve and maintain their target weight, the Three Tonne Club is designed to help slim down members’ carbon footprints and achieve that three tonne target. Participants of the Club will show each other how it’s done.

In slimming club style there is an initial weigh-in but here they’re weighing tonnes of carbon not pounds of flab. Packed with tips on how to shed those tonnes, the Handbook will show how, month by month, members can reduce the carbon emissions caused in various areas of their life – home energy, land travel, flying, food, shopping and all the rest. At monthly meetings the emphasis is on fun with group activities as friends and neighbours share experiences.  At the end of the year a weigh-out shows what progress has been made and just how much each member’s footprint has shrunk.

The Three Tonne Club Handbook is written by Ann Link, Jo Budd and Biba Hartigan, published by Women’s Environmental Network . A copy can be ordered from WEN, PO Box 30626, London E1 1TZ, £3.50 inc. P&P.

“WEN is absolutely delighted to receive this grant from Artists Project Earth. We would like to thank you for your support and we look forward to developing our work on preventing climate change through WEN’s Three Tonne Club.” Women’s Environmental Network

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