The Brazilian rainforest has been likened to the lungs of the world – so whatever happens in Brazil affects the whole planet. That is why it is so important to support civil society groups and local authorities in their work to mitigate climate change

Vitae Civilis works with NGOs and other partners to strengthen and broaden the capacity of their work on action-oriented initiatives to combat climate change. This project aims to help broaden the outreach of this work towards a ‘critical mass’ of awareness. This will enable Brazilian people to demand stronger governmental policy for mitigation and adaption to climate change. Vitae Civilis is currently finishing a position paper for national policy on climate change and is also building awareness through a brochure in eight colloquial languages to be used as an educational tool.

“First, it is a privilege being selected in a process that probably had many applications from different regions of the world. I am sure that this fact gives us extra responsibility in the implementation of our responsibilities, both because global warming is a very serious human and ethical problem, and because many other people and organization are also doing something in this field. The grant will certainly encourage us to continue our efforts to engage citizens and the society in bringing about change in their consumption and ecological footprint, so as to contribute to global warming mitigation in a fair, equitable and timely way.” Vitae Civilis

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