Bringing together stories from communities

Transition Town Brixton is a community-led initiative that brings together many groups and individuals within Brixton and the surrounding area to raise awareness of climate change and peak oil. Themed working groups will be formed to vision and plan a transition to a better low energy future in food, health, work, travel and culture. Localisation is key and will require the rediscovery of many lost skills which will be facilitated through the power of stories and learning from elders.

The project will gather stories from communities around Britain where emissions are being lowered to no more than three tonnes CO2 per year per person (inspired by Women Environmental Network’s Three Tonne Club Handbook). The project will focus on communities and models such as community banks, community-owned renewables and recycling companies and island communities where shared values, local identity and infrastructure are important. Stories will be gathered and serialised in a newspaper or radio programme and edited into a book to help others learn from their experiences, and spread the transition town ethos of making more from less, weaning us off oil-dependence and creating local resilience.


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