‘Voices for a living planet’ is a musical and community education project aimed at protecting those who are most severely impacted by climate change

The Mineral Policy Institute (MPI) is an Australian-based non-government organisation which specialises in advocacy, campaigning and research to prevent environmentally and socially destructive mining, minerals and energy projects in Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

They work with communities, activists and organisations to protect the rights of those faced with the environmental, cultural and economics impacts of the mining, minerals and energy industries. Their aim is to promote equitable and efficient mineral use and reduced resource consumption.

Turning the Tide: voices for a living planet is a music and community education project involving leading Australian artists and communities on the frontline of climate change.

In 2007 they produced a double CD with an associated website: www.turningthetide.com and this July they will go on tour with the CD to 5 capital cities and major cities on the east coast of Australia. The tour will be a community ‘festival’ style event in each city incorporating education and awareness on climate change and the responses necessary to tackle it at grassroots and International level.  The tour will include a variety of activities such as music, films, talks, workshops but the key element of the tour will be presentations and musical performances by indigenous people who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.


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