The Environmental Refugee educational roadshow and exhibition

The IPCC predict that there will be 150 million environmental refugees by 2050.  This project is about education, adaptation and  assisting vulnerable communities. One way to deal with the realities of climate change is working towards making our own society more welcoming to (environmental) refugees. Their aim to foster understanding and acceptance in host communities and the key message is; “It may be Bangladesh now, but could be Blackpool next. Wouldn’t you want refuge too?”  They will place emphasis on how a transition to a lower consumption, more sustainable, low carbon society can help to prevent further displacement of people, both within and between geographic borders.

The ideas and philosophy of the organisation are explained via an exhibition, a series of popular education workshops, and a short film.  Speakers come from UK areas effected by flooding such as Gloucestershire or Hull, and the Global South Education & Training, highlighting our common plight.


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