Imagine our street-space without the presence of cars… Imagine all those parking spaces replaced by trees, public art and cycle paths

This innovative organisation asks the public to imagine life beyond the car and to redesign the spaces left behind. The loss of community space that is now dominated by cars leads to reduced social interaction, less wildlife and fewer safe and healthy spaces for children to play in. Their Street Conversion Design contest addresses these issues head-on and World Carfree Network will publish winning entries in the magazine Carbusters and implement the winning designs on the ground in cities throughout the world to coincide with World Carfree Day on 21st September.

“Thanks to APE’s grant, we were able to run our popular Street Conversion Design Contest for a second year. The funds enabled us to spread worldwide the idea that there can be positive and creative alternatives to car-dominated streets. APE helped us to encourage the reintroduction of humanity to the streetscape, both through artistic designs on paper and through lasting on-the-ground initiatives.” World carfree network.

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