A new model for tackling global warming and safeguarding forests

Yasuní National Park, part of the Amazon rainforest and one of the most biodiverse places in the world, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and home to three indigenous cultures. However all of this is currently in danger due to the oil situated beneath it.

The president of Ecuador has proposed to conserve the Yasuni in return for international compensation. To do so, however, Ecuador will need to be compensated by the international community for its loss of oil revenue – to the tune of $350 million per annum for the next ten years. This could be the neatest model for tackling global warming yet.  But so far, the international community are not stepping up to the plate.

International negotiations are currently taking place and organisers of this project would like to raise awareness of the issue and ensure that people understand the ecological and cultural importance of the region. They would also like to highlight the local issues as this campaign was born with the support of local organisations and indigenous movements.

“Yasuní Green Gold is an international campaign, created with the support of the local government and people of Orellana, in the Yasuní region. It aims to raise awareness and support for the conservation of the park, protection of the local people and to create an international network of people and organizations that believe that Yasuní is Green Gold Funding for the project will enable us to have more impact and reach more people in the campaign to save the Yasuní” Yasuní Green Gold

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