Providing frontline media coverage for grassroots activists

Collaborating with activists and campaigners “You and I Films” provides front line media coverage, documenting and producing engaging and informative productions that are broadcast globally.

You and I Film productions increases the ability of communities to engage in the mainstream media. Informative and quality communications serve to empower those fighting the root causes of Climate Change as they challenge the dominant story told in the press about climate activists.

Working in partnership with climate- and social justice organisations and partners, we produce and distribute featured shorts, documenting and showcasing direct actions fused with community- based solutions.

You and I Films has greatly improved the content factor of Climate related Direct Action communications and in turn amplifying the impact of the grass roots Climate Justice Movement.

“You and I Films has so far functioned as a voluntary organisation and is relied upon to document future events and direct actions so we’re ecstatic about receiving APE funding which will assist us in continuing to formalise and document the incredible work of our partners – Thank you so much for your support.”

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