Thursday, September 28, 2023

'Earthwaves' Out Now

We are pleased to present the ‘Earthwaves’ to you, APE’s seventh album. It revisits four of Kenny Young’s famous, chart-topping songs, headlined by a live recording of ‘Under the Boardwalk’ and a reworking of ‘Spirit of the Forest’.
The other eight tracks come from some of Kenny’s best friends and represent a rich diversity of sounds.
All the twelve songs are dedicated to a world where all life can thrive.

Please download Earthwaves and ask your friends to do so, too. Any sales receipts will help to fund APE’s work.

Herbert Girardet, May East and Joel Young
Trustees, Artists Project Earth

‘Out Now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer and Bandcamp’

When APE founder Kenny Young died in April 2020, we entered a state of dormancy. Kenny had inspired many of the world’s leading artists to donate hit songs to APE, whilst allowing him to add new Cuban and African backing tracks. The six albums we released since 2005 supported 480 campaigns, events, actions and education projects globally, as well as disaster relief. They are still for sale here.

Now Earthwaves is a new departure for APE. Rather than relying on rock stars, its songs speak their own musical language. They celebrate the joy of life and urge us to make peace with nature. We must put ever more pressure on politicians, financiers and business leaders to counter climate change and pollution, and to regenerate life on earth.

Following on from our ‘War Against Nature’ ‘I Am The Ocean’ EP, Earthwaves is about our interdependence with all life on land and in the sea.
You’ll enjoy its rich variety of sounds. Please download the album, tell your friends about it, and help us raise funds for our work!

Herbert Girardet, May East, and Joel Young, trustees, Artists Project Earth

Projects APE Supported

Spirit of the Forest & Tetiana Hern

APE recently commissioned Tetiana Hern, a Ukrainian artist and refugee based in Scotland to create a painting that represents a connection to the ‘Spirit of the Forest’ and the Amazon Rainforest, inspired by one of our favourite APE recordings which you can listen to here. Tetiana produced this beautiful painting by imagining walking into the Amazon Rainforest whilst immersed outside...


Exposing BP's cynical sponsorship of the 'Oilympcis' - and helping to bring BP to account for their investment in the Canadian tar sands project. BP is the last major oil company to start exploiting the Canadian tar sands – the most destructive industrial project on the planet. The production of oil from tar sands is much more polluting than conventional...


Revealing the hidden scandal of how the UK’s emissions are still rising – because we have 'outsourced' the problem.“At face value UK emissions look like they have decreased 15%... since 1990. But if you take into account carbon embedded in our imports, our emissions have gone up about 12%. We’ve got to be more open about this…”  – Defra Chief...


Looking at fundamental questions of global environmental justice. Progress in the international climate negotiations is nowhere near enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a safe level, ensure sufficient funding for adaptation or compensate vulnerable groups for loss and damage from climate change. As a result lawyers in many jurisdictions are thinking about legal strategies to hold polluters accountable for...


Bringing people-powered politics to decision-making worldwide.In recognition of the outstanding work Avaaz is doing in bringing the democratic process to governments worldwide, APE has given a discretionary grant to the organisation. Avaaz empowers millions of people from all walks of life to take action on pressing global, regional and national issues, from corruption and poverty to conflict and climate change. The...


A campaign against hydraulic fracturing in Scotland.Friends of the Earth Scotland was alarmed to learn that Aussie giant Dart Energy were advancing their most developed European coalbed methane project near the small town of Airth in the Forth Valley. Following a number of years of quiet exploration and testing, during which around 14 test wells were drilled, Dart Energy aimed for early commercialisation...